Saturday, November 10, 2018

Civil War leaders- a hairy situation!

Many of the Civil War leaders were friends and went to West Point together, plus there is all that hair! Can you imagine having to lead men into battle against one of your school mates? And rocking some mutton chops like Burnside?

Thank you for your wonderful presentations. When you put effort and research into your presentation, it shows!

 1. Final edits on your essays. These are due next week on November 15.

 2. Research your battle(s) and prepare for your presentations.
 November 15
                             Bull Run/Manassas Junction- Pierce
                             Monitor and Merrimac Duel- Elliot
                             Shiloh Campaign- Pierce
                             New Orleans- Gwen
                             Shenandoah Campaign- Mrs. Poyer
                             The Seven Days' Battles- Elliot
 November 29th
                             Second Battle of Bull Run- Madeline
                             Antietam/Sharpsburg Battle- Elsa
                             Battle of Fredericksburg- Corban
                             Battle of Chancellorsville- ?
                             Battle of Vicksburg- Colin
 December 6th
                             Battle of Chickamauga- ?
                             Battle of Chattanooga- Madeline
                             Battle of Wilderness and Spotsylvania- Colin
                             Battle of Cold Harbor- Corban                                                                               

3. Timeline? We really hope you wrote all those dates down!

4. Start reading Across Five Aprils. Book and dossier are due November 29th.

5. Memorize the Gettysburg Address. Make it is a goal to have it memorized by Christmas, you will thank us!

6. Work on ALL things that you have not completed or memorized. EVERYTHING WILL BE DUE JANUARY 10TH. That is the day you get back from Christmas break. It will come faster than you think! The more you get done before the Christmas break means the less you have to do over vacation.


Devotional/Hero Insight- Mrs. Schmieder

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Atomic Bomb jawbreakers at Ft. Sumter

We did so much this week! We feel you're ready to turn in those persuasive essays and we can't wait! Mrs. Poyer is gave us so many ideas for your essays and I'm still waiting for that recipe we read about.


1. Complete your persuasive essay.  This is due Nov. 8th!

2. Complete Abraham Lincoln and the book dossier. This is due Nov. 8th!

3. Add to your timeline- it was up on the board for 2 hours.

4. Battle Rundown- we went over this in class. Page 38 in your binder.

5. Research and prepare for your LEADERSHIP presentation, page 35 in your binder.

6. Memorize the "Gettysburg Address" by Christmas. Start working on it now.


Robert E. Lee: Pierce
Ulysses S. Grant: Madeline
Stonewall Jackson: Gwen
Jefferson Davis: Colin
William T. Sherman: Corban
George McLellan: Elsa
James Longstreet: Elliot

Devotional: Corban
*Elliot be ready to present on Colt too

 BONUS- Civil War facial hair. The scruffier, the better.

 John Lorimer Worden

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Honest Abe for the WIN!

SECESSION:  A split in the Democratic Party paved the way for a Lincoln win.  The South was not happy, and one by one they started leaving.  It is YOUR job to find out WHY!  What reasons did they give for leaving?  You have each been assigned a state’s letter of secession.  Read it!  Look up unknown words.
Work to understand it.  And fill out your document study page.  Be ready to REPORT your findings next week!

UNCLE TOM’S CABIN:  You ALL did an excellent job discussing the book!!  Wasn’t Hannah an incredible leader?  She gave you so much insider information and led you into such interesting dialogue.  Thank you, Hannah! And thanks to all of you for your participation.  Now get reading Abraham Lincoln by Wilbur Gordy!  TWO WEEKS is all you have, but we have seen your capabilities and YOU CAN DO THIS!!  Make sure you fill out all your book dossiers for credit!

PERSUASIVE ESSAY:  You are making great strides with this.  Keep working at it.  Once you have a grasp of this it will be so easy!!  Embrace your thesis this week.  The thesis is a statement that tells the audience what your essay is about and what to expect in the later paragraphs.  In a persuasive essay, it will state your stance or opinion, and then list why you believe this way.

Example 1:  Chocolate should be banned from Halloween (my stance) because it is expensive(reason 1) , unhealthy(reason 2) , and deadly to dogs.(reason 3)

Example 2:  The federal government should have complete control over the nation(my stance) because the Founding Fathers desired a strong central government (reason 1), the Constitution states we are one people(reason 2), and things run so much smoother with only one ruling entity.(reason 3)

After you establish your thesis.  Spend the rest of your essay defending it.  Each of your following paragraphs should support one of the reasons you mentioned in your thesis.

Example 1: (supporting paragraph for my reason number 1 from my thesis) Chocolate is too expensive to include in your Halloween bucket. (Topic sentence) According to a recent study the price of chocolate has steadily been rising every year.  The cost of production and supplies has nearly doubled as reported in the Hershey’s Company’s 2017 annual report.(blah, blah, blah)(evidence to support topic sentence)

Example 2: (supporting paragraph for my reason number 1 from my thesis) When the Founding Father’s gathered to form a more perfect union they set out to make a government that would have the ultimate jurisdiction over all the states.(Topic sentence)  John Adams said, “blah, blah, blah...” (evidence to support topic sentence)

AS ALWAYS, DO YOUR BEST!!   Bring your best attempt next Thursday, and we will work on them together!  And if you have questions PLEASE SEND THEM OUR WAY!!

Writing is so powerful!  And you all have wonderful, amazing ideas, opinions and thoughts!!  We want to help you get them down on paper in a way that EVERYONE can understand them.  We want to unleash your writing power!  IT IS A POWERFUL SKILL TO HAVE for your life’s mission!

—-Assigned State letter of secession document study
—-Revise your intro paragraph (hook and thesis)
—-Work on the body of your paragraph (support paragraphs to your thesis)
—-Start reading Abraham Lincoln by Wilbur Gordy
___Start memorizing the “Gettysburg Address”
—-Make sure your timeline is up-to-date
Devotional- Elliot

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Friday, October 19, 2018

John Calhoun and Kevin Bacon - 6 degrees of separation

We really do not know if Calhoun and Bacon are related in any way but I'm pretty sure they use the same hair products.

To do list-

1. Who has the ultimate authority, Federal vs. State? Write an intro paragraph to your persuasive essay. These will be read in class next week.  Remember to use an interesting quote for your hook!!!

2. FINISH Uncle Tom's Cabin. Book and dossier are due next week and Hannah will be leading the book discussion. Watch out, she's tough!

3. Fill in your timeline! Get caught up.

4. Memorization work! Time is precious, don't waste it. Knock more out this week. Movie, quotes, song, you can do it.

CLASS WILL BE ON THE STAGE NEXT WEEK! Do not go to the choir room!
Peace out,
Heavy J and K-Fro

Sunday, October 14, 2018

LD Debate time!

Hello debaters,

Mrs. Poyer and I were BLOWN AWAY by your LD debate skills! We cannot wait to crown the grand champion! After Colin and Elliot have their turn, we will have the final results.

So this week you don't have that much to do. Use this this opportunity to catch up on the things you may have not turned in. This extra time is a gift, use it wisely!

To do list-

1. Read Uncle Tom's Cabin and complete the dossier. This is due Oct. 25th!

2. Memorization work! Don't wait until Christmas.

3. Read over the Gettysburg Address and start memorizing it.

4. Complete another requirement. Movie? Song? Quote? Knock one out!

5. Journal entry-
    Write 3 paragraphs about what you would have done differently in your debate
     and what you did well. Colin and Elliot- wait a week on this one.

6. Add your timeline dates
                           1765-1825 Eli Whitney
                           1793- Cotton Gin
                           1858- Lincoln Douglas debates


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Friday, October 5, 2018

Dred Scott! Lincoln-Douglas! Tacos and burritos!

Hello debaters!!!

To do list-

1. Research for your debate. PREP! Feel free to write out your case on sheets of paper but DO write your most important talking points on your portion of the flow sheet, (af or neg).

2. Complete your Dred Scott doc study.

3. Add your dates to the timeline! They were on the board for you to copy! :)

4. Journal entry- Did the supreme court get the Dred Scott decision right?

5. Keep reading Uncle Tom's Cabin (Due Oct. 25th)

6. Keep going on your memorization work and catch up on all your assignments that haven't been marked off on the board.

Next week devotional- Gwen on Eli Whitney

If you want to watch the taco vs. burrito debate again and see the LD format, here is the link:

EVERYBODY IS DEBATING OCTOBER 11 and it's going to be so AWESOME!!!

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Friday, September 28, 2018

North vs. South, Lincoln vs.Douglas, dogs vs.cats. It's getting crazy!

Hey hey hey!!!!

Is everybody super stoked to be divided up into your teams? WE ARE!!!

To do list-

1. Read the Lincoln and Douglas speeches in your binder a then fill out the document study sheet.  Circle words you look up, underline great thoughts, etc. This is due Oct. 4th. Mark it up!

2. Add your dates to the timeline:
    1793 Cotton gin invented
    1815-1902 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    1858 Seneca Falls convention
    1858 Lincoln Douglas debates

3. Research the living daylights out of your debate resolution!!!!! Start taking notes both pro and con and look over the resources I gave you. LD debates are to be held Oct. 11th.

4. Read over "The Gettysburg Address"

5. Keep reading Uncle Tom's Cabin. Book and dossier are due Oct. 25th!

6. Keep studying your vocabulary and memorization work.

AND please do the following if you haven't done so already

7. Read the Phillis Wheatley poem in your binder and fill out the document study sheet

8. Read the Frederick Douglas quote in your binder and then fill out the document study sheet

9. Finish your journal entries "What is your mission?" and "Why is slavery wrong?"

Devotional- Gwen on John Brown

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